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Proprietary System: MedexIntel

Advanced Medical Device Analytics

MedexIntel delivers hospitals and implant manufacturers a comprehensive UDI Compliance solution from a single source. No need to hire a UDI consultant, an implementation advisor, hardware installation personnel, IT support, and pay reporting fees or buy special GUDID modules to adapt legacy IT systems.

MedexIntel offers a single point of procurement for each of these UDI compliance needs.

  • UDI Advisory
  • UDI Implementation
  • Labeling
  • Tracking
  • Cloud GUGID Reporting
  • Direct Marking Capability (Wireless & Barcode Options)

MedexIntel Workstation

In its Stand-Alone station solution, users can program and reprogram RFID tags as well as gather the data required under the FDA's reporting mandate. Medex can also operate in a "free scan" configuration, allowing sales reps to automate their inventory reconciliation needs, even from the trunk of their car. Free Scan can scan and reconcile inventory  at a piece-part level or at a tray level depending on the users needs. MedexIntel also includes the proprietary Limpet Communications Module which allows users to interrogate the contents of the tray via the cloud, without removing the lid. The Medex Module, when coupled with a clients ERP software can also generate automatic billing, just in time reordering and cloud inventory reporting.  

Medical Devices. Modern Intelligence.

MedexIntel is a next-generation evolution of wireless technology used to identify and track parts and tray systems.  The MedexIntel system includes a scalable central processing web cloud geared to provide device OEMs and Clinical Service Providers real-time logistics and accountability of tray, device, and biologic inventory.

MedexIntel utilizes RFID or 2D barcode tags on each individual device to create a UDI label.  The RFID tags contain the same labeling requirements as a barcode without requiring line-of-sight to read.